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ENGEO is an employee-owned, award-winning firm of geotechnical and civil engineers, geologists, hydrologists, environmental scientists, and construction quality assurance field representatives. Our team of international professionals focus on technical excellence and a deep understanding of client and project needs.

ENGEO serves projects in transportation; infrastructure; water storage, conveyance and treatment; industrial facilities; geologic hazard mitigation; flood control facilities; civic structures; healthcare; education; energy; manufacturing; ports, harbors and waterfront development; residential and mixed-use communities; and urban development. We assist in every phase of projects from the due diligence for land acquisition and planning through entitlement, permitting, engineering design, construction and project build-out.

Geotechnical Engineering

ENGEO’s engineers and geologists help companies and public agencies manage their project development risk, drive down construction costs, and improve schedules.

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Engineering Geology

Our engineering geologists are experts in the assessment of complex site conditions utilizing a variety of advanced investigation technology to accurately and effectively predict geologic outcomes. ENGEO provides engineering geology services as part of the geotechnical design process, and engineering geology oversight during construction testing and observation.

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Environmental Engineering

ENGEO is a provider of comprehensive environmental engineering services with extensive experience in investigating soil, groundwater, and soil gas contamination and providing remediation services to both public and private clients. ENGEO routinely provides contact and coordination with project- and region-specific regulatory agencies, and we are well experienced in complying with Federal and State guidelines. Many clients rely on ENGEO as an advocate in working with the Department of Toxics Substance Control.

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Hydrology and Hydraulics

ENGEO provides design criteria for linear projects, liquid storage facilities, erosion management, creek restoration, earth dams and levees. In addition, ENGEO provides services including flood control and surface water management plans, Storm Water Management Plans (SWMPs), implementation and monitoring of surface water control facilities and creek restoration. Our knowledge and relationships with multiple public and government agencies helps projects progress smoothly and stay on schedule.

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Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

ENGEO’s engineers incorporate state-of-the-art methods and expertise to perform site-specific geotechnical earthquake engineering to precisely quantify seismic hazards, optimize designs, and apply performance-based engineering.

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Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts (GHADs)

GHADs are public agencies formed by communities to provide a management structure and funding source to protect from landslides, erosion, liquefaction, flooding, and other hazards. In 1986, ENGEO helped create the first GHAD in Northern California and since that time has formed, engineered and managed the vast majority of GHAD properties throughout the state.

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Laboratory Testing

ENGEO maintains in-house soil and materials testing laboratories managed by registered civil engineers. Tests are performed in conformance with ASTM and AASHTO test methods in accordance with Caltrans, International and California Building Code standards.

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Special Inspection and Materials Testing

ENGEO provides earthwork observation, special inspection, quality assurance and construction monitoring services. We have the depth of resources and expertise to tackle any type of project.

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Contractor Support

In addition to a full range of engineering services, ENGEO provides comprehensive contractor support services.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps Systems (Geothermal)

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems are an established technology increasingly used as a major energy efficiency solution for new buildings and as the major components of District Energy Systems (DES) for larger developments.

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Geospatial Engineering

Through GIS, CAD, graphics and custom application development services, ENGEO creates workflow efficiencies and visually presents technical data. We perform UAV Surveying to offer aerial photography, digital orthophoto mosaics, digital terrain models (DTM), and high quality contour maps.

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Entitlement and Permitting Support

ENGEO provides entitlement and permitting support to private developers, landowners, public agencies and lenders for all project types. We have a keen understanding of local, state and federal regulatory processes and foster close communication with regulators and legislators.

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