GHADs are public agencies formed by communities to provide a management structure and funding source to protect from landslides, erosion, liquefaction, flooding, and other hazards. In 1986, ENGEO helped create the first GHAD in Northern California and since that time has formed, engineered and managed the vast majority of GHAD properties throughout the state.

ENGEO is a leader in developing best practices for GHADs throughout the state. We have extensive experience in GHAD policy development and law. ENGEO President Uri Eliahu, GE, is a Founding Director of the California Association of GHADs and its current president.

ENGEO is the leader in GHAD education, development of best practices, and legislative activity. We have presented many GHAD workshops and symposia. ENGEO has developed several comprehensive presentations customized for various audiences and has delivered GHAD presentations to many legal, political and industry associations and public agencies.

For Geologic Hazard Abatement District emergencies, and for other emergencies involving earthquakes, landslides, erosion and levee breaks that may affect public safety, ENGEO has a toll-free number that is answered 24/7: (855) 767-2911

Select Project Experience

  • Broad Beach GHAD—Malibu, CA
  • Leona Quarry GHAD—Oakland, CA
  • Blackhawk GHAD—Contra Costa County, CA
  • Oakland Area GHAD—Oakland, CA
  • Dougherty Valley GHAD (West Branch GHAD 1990-01) —Contra Costa County, CA
  • Canyon Lakes GHAD—San Ramon, CA
  • River Islands GHAD—Lathrop, CA
  • Newhall Ranch GHAD—Los Angeles County, CA
  • Moller Ranch GHAD— City of Pleasanton, CA
  • Laurel Creek Estates GHAD—City of Pleasanton, CA
  • Oak Tree Farm Property GHAD—City of Pleasanton, CA
  • Southwest Pittsburg GHAD—City of Pittsburg, CA
  • Wilder GHAD—Orinda CA
  • Wendt Ranch GHAD—Contra Costa County, CA
  • Wiedemann Ranch GHAD—San Ramon, CA
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