Our engineering geologists are experts in the assessment of complex site conditions utilizing a variety of advanced investigation technologies to accurately and effectively characterize geologic conditions. ENGEO provides engineering geology services as part of the geotechnical design process, and engineering geology oversight during construction testing and observation.

Our geologists are experienced with a wide variety of soil and bedrock conditions. Our approach focuses on working closely with the design and construction team to optimize geotechnical input parameters, resulting in well-designed projects that address geologic and geotechnical concerns while minimizing construction costs.  

Geomorphic interpretation is one of the principal tools used by engineering geologists in the characterization of large areas, particularly for transportation or pipeline projects that traverse variable geologic and topographic conditions. It is an indispensable precursor to field exploration and serves to focus subsequent subsurface studies, reduce costs, and improve schedules. The natural landforms present on any given site typically preserve a record of the late Quaternary geologic processes that shaped the land, such as fluvial erosion and deposition, landslides, tectonic uplift, ground deformation, and surface fault rupture. Understanding these geologic processes is critical to anticipating the geologic hazards that may affect a site.  

Our services include: 
  • Rock Slope Stability Assessment 
  • Appraisal of Geologic Hazards 
  • Geologic Mapping and Assessment 
  • Studies of Active and Potentially Active Faults 
  • Delineation, Mitigation and Repair of Landslides 
  • Characterization of Subsurface Conditions using Geophysical Surveys 
  • Studies of Mine Suitability and Design of Reclamation Work 
  • Analysis and Mitigation of Rock Slope Stability 
  • Analysis of Rock Rippability 
  • Formation and Management of Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts 
  • Geologic Analysis and Reports for EIS/EIR 
  • Geologic Exploration for Tunnels, Pipelines, Transportation Corridors 
  • Design of Corrective Grading Plans 
  • Correction of Drainage Issues 
  • Landslide Modeling and Analysis 
  • Geologic/Geomorphological Mapping 
  • Landslide Assessment/Monitoring and Mitigation 
  • Aggregate Resource Assessment 
  • Earthquake Fault Studies 
  • Paleontology 
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