ENGEO provides earthwork observation, special inspection, quality assurance, construction monitoring, and contractor support services. We have the depth of resources and expertise to tackle any type of project.

Our experience with all aspects of construction and our large experienced field staff mean efficient and smooth project delivery. For our clients with direct responsibility for public safety, our emergency response track record and our quick action to mobilize have been instrumental in their success.

ENGEO can provide a multi-disciplined inspector for your project—a person who can save time and money by providing different types of inspections during the same visit. Our technicians are trained to review plans and observe and report details on projects, thus potentially minimizing future problems.

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Testing and Observation (Grading and Site Improvements)
  • Special Inspections (Concrete, Masonry, Rebar/Tendon, Welding, Bolting, Fireproofing, Wood-Framing)
  • Construction Observation/Monitoring (Tie-Backs, Ground Improvements, Deep Foundations)
  • Material Specification Compliance (geotechnical products, soil, aggregate, asphalt, concrete)
  • Material Identification (ID)
  • UAV (drone) scans and reconnaissance
  • Earthwork quantity tracking
  • Reporting
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