ENGEO offers engineering services for the design and analysis of water resources related projects with hydrologic and hydraulic components, such as, creek restoration, bank stabilization, bridge construction, wetland and riparian habitat mitigation, utility design, flood hazard mapping, and the construction and maintenance of  earth dams and levees. 

 Our extensive experience, knowledge, and relationships with government agencies, private clients, and community shareholders, helps us move projects forward smoothly, on schedule and budget. ENGEO provides the following nonexclusive list of services for engineering and construction projects.  

  • Watershed Modeling and Evaluation 
  • Flood protection and creek/river bank evaluation and design 
  • Creek restoration, hydraulic modeling and design 
  • Bridge and levee scour analysis and countermeasure design 
  • Detention basin and Engineered Lake design 
  • Construction and post-construction water quality monitoring 
  • Wetland design, restoration and monitoring 
  • Creek bank stabilization 
  • Drainage and Utility Design 
  • Flood Hazard and Dam Failure Inundation Mapping 
  • Permitting or modification of flood hazard maps, and creek and wetland mitigation plans, with appropriate local, state, or federal agencies
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