ENGEO provides hydrogeologic services related to groundwater resource assessment, sustainability, water quality, and groundwater supply.

Our hydrogeologists are known for planning, modeling, design, construction management of groundwater supply wells, monitoring wells in nested and cluster configurations, and injection wells. Our experience with the design and construction management of deep injection wells has supported projects related to seawater intrusion barriers and groundwater replenishment with advanced treated wastewater. ENGEO’s services include:

  • Preliminary well design and site selection
  • Preparation of technical specifications, special provisions, bid forms, plans, and engineer’s estimates
  • Geologic characterization
  • Formation sampling and logging
  • Aquifer zone isolation testing
  • Geophysical log analysis and interpretation
  • Grain size analysis
  • Final well design
  • Well construction observation, including:
    o Single-point monitoring wells
    o Deep nested monitoring wells
    o Deep monitoring well clusters
    o High-capacity, large-diameter municipal supply wells
    o High-capacity, large-diameter injection wells
  • Chemical and mechanical development oversight
  • Planning and directing aquifer tests
  • Spinner log analysis and interpretation
  • General and aquifer-specific water-quality sampling and data interpretation
  • Well condition assessment
  • Well rehabilitation planning, technical specifications, and oversight
  • Well repair and liner design-and-construction oversight
  • Experience in using non-traditional filter pack media (spherical glass beads)
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