Engineering Geologist

Jed Watts

Jed is responsible for geotechnical and geological engineering on a wide range of projects. He is currently involved in geotechnical consultation for numerous subdivisions and commercial properties on behalf of private parties, public entities, and insurance companies. Jed also works on geohazard assessment and mitigation projects such as rockfall protection structures, source treatment of rockfall and debris flow protection. This work has involved project managing, ground investigations, development of ground models, geotechnical hazard assessments, geotechnical analysis, and construction monitoring.

“ENGEO is a great place to work, the people are hard-working, fun, intelligent and genuine. These people are also very strong technically, which means we work on some great projects and provide high-quality engineering and environmental solutions”.

Outside of work Jed plays rugby, watches the NBA, and hangs out with friends and family. He also tries his hand at some DIY and owns too many tools – if you need to borrow one, let him know!

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