James Thurber, CEG, CHG

James specializes in hydrogeology, groundwater resources, and geologic mapping. He manages the research and design of monitoring wells, supply wells, and injection wells. He brings many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the development, protection, and management of municipal groundwater resources. His expertise encompasses hydrogeologic assessment of groundwater basins, aquifer characteristics determination, water well site selection, water well and injection well design, assessment and development of well rehabilitation programs, and management of well construction.

James excels in the design of large-diameter, high-capacity municipal supply wells, injection wells and monitoring wells in nested and cluster configurations, interpretation of stratigraphic and geophysical logs for final selection of screened intervals and filter pack during well construction to optimize sand-free groundwater production and aquifer-specific monitoring.

In addition, James is experienced in the analysis of pumping test results to define production levels and develop recommendations for operation and maintenance, as well as water quality monitoring. James has completed the siting and design of nested and clustered monitoring wells for long term monitoring of aquifer-specific water levels and water quality. James has also prepared Groundwater Drinking Water Source Assessment Program (DWSAP) reports.

“Spending 2-3 months on the drilling, construction and testing of a large diameter, high capacity municipal supply well that produces high-quality potable water for the local utility and citizens is a good use of geology.”

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