G. ‘Neel’ Neelakantan, PhD, GE

Neel has over three decades of research and consulting experience in geotechnical engineering, including management, design, and construction in the San Francisco Bay Area. His project background includes the BART Extensions Program, bridges and other highway structures, airports, dams and reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment facilities, flood control projects, tunnels, and pipelines.

As a Principal Engineer, Neel routinely oversees structural, seismic, geologic, geotechnical, surveying, environmental and regulatory compliance, as well as hazmat and other professional services. He has successfully provided technical consultation, expert testimony, and third-party peer review services, conducted field observation, provided field and crisis management, managed multiple subconsultants, and made presentations to many clients including public agency commission meetings.

Neel is an avid chess player and competed in tournaments for many years. He also plays table tennis and is a regular at local Bay Area tournaments.

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