Principal Consultant

Eric Harrell, CEG

Eric joined ENGEO in 1988 and has extensive experience as a geologist and as a manager for Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts (GHADs). He is involved with the formation, annexation, and management of GHADs in Alameda, Contra Costa, Orange, San Benito, Solano, and Ventura Counties. He prepares Plans of Control, Engineer’s Reports, budgets, and resolutions for the formation and annexation of GHADs. He is also responsible for the day-to-day management of thirteen GHADs, which includes budgeting, contracting, monitoring, maintaining, and repairing activities.

Additionally, Eric specializes in geologic oversight during earthwork activities for large residential projects with up to 20 million cubic yards of grading. Eric is responsible for geologic mapping during mass grading as well as observation, removal, and repair of more than 100 landslides. He has developed settlement monitoring programs for engineered fills exceeding 100 feet in thickness. He performs slope stability analysis with the use of buttresses, geogrids, and subdrains using computer modeling programs. He also develops reports for site improvements including water tank reservoir sites, synthetically reinforced slopes, and walls.

“I enjoy the variety of people that I meet through my work on GHADs and the varying tasks that are involved in forming and managing them. Rarely is the work routine and the structure of GHADs allows and requires new and creative problem solving. ENGEO has been the leader in advancing and expanding GHADs for over 30 years to the benefit of property owners within these districts. We are proud of these advancements and, with our team, I have confidence that this innovation will continue.”

Outside of work you’ll likely find Eric trail running and dodging poison oak, playing tennis, or taking creative classes such as oil painting, drawing and woodworking.

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