Zachary Crawford, CEG

Zac joined ENGEO in 2003 and specializes in engineering geology, environmental consultation, hydrogeology and geomorphology. He has extensive knowledge of the Central Valley region and its complex subsurface characteristics. Zac’s experience includes serving the River Islands project; a 4,800-acre waterfront master planned community located on Stewart Tract in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in Lathrop, California. With his support, the project has designed and constructed nearly 11 miles of improved levees, a new bridge across the San Joaquin River, state-of-the-art public schools, numerous multi-use man-made lakes, and a new electricity distribution system to supply power to the planned 11,000 new residential dwellings.  In addition, he has experience serving exciting projects and unique clients throughout Northern California involving interpretation of complex lithology, installation of groundwater monitoring well networks, review and analysis of groundwater levels and water quality data, providing geologic hazard analyses and designing cost-saving mitigation measures for the treatment of potentially unstable soils, including highly expansive clay and liquefiable sand deposits.

“For me it’s about the people. The greatest sense of achievement in my career comes from encouraging and witnessing the success and growth of others. Whether it is a client, co-worker, or colleague at a partnering firm, when you work intimately with others, you are destined to form lasting bonds and you find joy in each other’s accomplishments.”  

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