World Logistics Center


Highland Fairview


Moreno Valley, California

Project Overview

The World Logistics Center campus will span over 40 million square feet of building space and incorporate innovative sustainable and environmentally compatible design approaches. The current plans for the development include several office and distribution buildings, truck and trailer loading bays, parking lots and structures, substantial utility installation, drainage structures, storm water treatment facilities, a paved road network, replacing a California State Route 60 interchange, and potentially a new fire station.

Images: Highland Fairview

Engeo's Role

ENGEO is the geotechnical engineer of record for the 2,600-acre site. To develop the Geotechnical Baseline Report, we performed a supplemental subsurface exploration. A state-mandated fault-study zone passes through the eastern side of the site. We are performing a geologic fault study to identify the presence of potential fault traces within the project limits and provide recommendations for development of the area at and near any confirmed fault locations.

Challenges & Solutions

The site has very deep Collapsible Soil. We were able to provide unique recommendations to minimize the amount of subexcavation required to develop the site.

The east end of the site is located in a State of California Earthquake Fault Zone requiring a Fault Investigation Study. We will observe and map approximately thirteen 20-foot deep fault trenches totalling 8,000 linear feet in order to precisely locate the San Jacinto Fault (the most active fault in southern California). Once complete, we will be able to establish building setbacks to optimize the land plan.


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