February 6, 2024

“Treasure Island – Built on History, Engineered for the Future” featured in GEOSTRATA

ENGEO’s recent article featured in the February/March 2024 issue of GEOSTRATA titled “Treasure Island – Built on History, Engineered for the Future” uncovers the complex history and engineering innovations of Treasure Island. The article provides an in-depth journey into the geotechnical story of Treasure Island starting at its origin in the 1930s and leading up to its present-day transformation. After being constructed for the 1939 World’s Fair, the island was utilized as a naval station during World War II. After lying dormant for nearly two decades post-NAVSTA closure, it returned to life in 2011 with an ambitious development plan. 

The Treasure Island Development project is a private-public partnership between Treasure Island Community Development and Treasure Island Development Authority. This visionary initiative aims to breathe new life into the island with housing, retail and commercial spaces, a hotel, and public parks. The planned infrastructure improvements include new utilities, streets and sidewalks, a ferry terminal, as well as raising the civil grades and developing an adaptive management plan for long-term sea-level rise. 

Diving into the technical aspects of the site, our article highlights the Phase 1 geotechnical hazards and mitigation program. We discuss the subsurface exploration program performed and analysis implemented to quantify the potential liquefaction-induced settlement, consolidation settlements, and seismic instability of the island’s perimeter. The complex geotechnical mitigation program comprised of vibrocompaction, deep soil mixing, and a surcharge program that all contributed to the island’s increased static and seismic resilience.  

To read the full article, we invite you to visit the GEOSTRATA website: Geostrata – February/March 2024 – Treasure Island ( 

You can learn more about ENGEO’s role on the Treasure Island project here: Treasure Island / Yerba Buena Island Development | ENGEO

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