Mirasol Village


Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency McCormack Baron Salazar


Sacramento, CA

Project Overview

Mirasol Village is a transformative $300-million mixed-income housing redevelopment project nestled in Sacramento’s River District. It represents a paradigm shift from the 1940s era, replacing the outdated Twin Rivers housing development with contemporary infrastructure. Comprising various two- to four-story buildings and a mixed-use podium structure, Mirasol Village is designed to be a cornerstone of community living. An integral feature is a light rail platform, positioning Mirasol Village as a hub connecting residents to downtown Sacramento’s diverse offerings, including employment centers, services, retail outlets, and cultural amenities. 

Mirasol Village stands as a testament to collaborative innovation, where ENGEO’s expertise and commitment to excellence have contributed to the successful realization of a sustainable and vibrant community. 

Engeo's Role

ENGEO provided critical services as the geotechnical engineer throughout the design and construction phases of Mirasol Village. We performed several phased geotechnical explorations as the project progressed. The geotechnical exploration included infiltration testing, soil borings, cone penetration tests (CPTs), and infiltrometer testing.  

Challenges & Solutions

One of the project’s key challenges emerged from the City’s stormwater system nearing capacity. Traditional offsite stormwater conveyance and pumping facilities were deemed financially infeasible, necessitating an innovative, on-site stormwater containment strategy. 

ENGEO’s role in the successful implementation and performance of the stormwater design features was critical. We collaborated closely with the project civil engineer and contractor from design through completion of construction.  The success of this approach required a thorough evaluation of the infiltration characteristics of the shallow soil and field verification during construction. Challenges, such as greater-than-anticipated soil variability, surfaced during construction, but ENGEO’s phased explorations and on-the-ground observations contributed greatly to the project’s success. 

Civil Engineer Testimonial

“Creating such innovative solutions takes true collaboration. ENGEO worked lockstep with Cunningham Engineering as we tested various design solutions and they were instrumental in navigating the permitting process by quickly validating assumptions and supplying credible supporting data.”    

– Charles Krafka, PE – Cunningham Engineering 


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