Heritage Fields, District 1, K-8 School Site


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Irvine, California

Project Overview

ENGEO began work on the Heritage Fields, District 1, K-8 School advancements in 2013 focusing on the requested improvements which consisted of three large building groupings on the western portion of the site. Specifically, each of the three groupings comprises several smaller buildings; the buildings are designated for various uses, including campus administration, learning spaces, library, media center, student support services, and campus activities centers.

Engeo's Role

ENGEO prepared a geotechnical and geologic hazards report and geotechnical design recommendations in accordance with the California Building Code and California Geological Survey Note 48.  Additionally, ENGEO performed environmental studies, geotechnical plan reviews, remedial grading plan preparation, and construction testing and observation services during remedial grading and civil grading earthwork activities within the school site as part of the greater District 1 grading activities.


Overcoming Design Code Updates

Between the approval of the core campus structures and its auxiliary structures, the California Building Code seismic design codes were updated. ENGEO then had to move quickly to conduct an updated seismic hazard analysis to keep the design and approval process on track and limit the impacts of the code update on the structural design that had already been completed.


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