April 24, 2023

240 Affordable Housing Units Open in San Mateo, CA

The San Mateo County Navigation Center ribbon cutting event took place on Tuesday, April 18th. Mila Kopelovich, MPH, Leroy Chan, GE, LEED AP, and Csilla Kenny, PE all attended the ceremony and enjoyed a tour of the facilities. The center is a collaborative effort between the county and community organizations to provide housing and support services to those experiencing homelessness. ENGEO is proud to have provided geotechnical engineering services for design of the center. 

The center is outfitted with 240 units that will provide extensive on site support services to individuals and couples facing homelessness. The state-of-the-art facility features a professional kitchen, fully staffed medical and dental clinics, laundry facilities, barbeque areas, a dog run, and a basketball court. The center aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for those needing support, offering not only necessities, but also access to healthcare, education, and job training programs. The inclusion of recreational areas such as the dog run and basketball court also promotes socialization and community building among residents. 

“Touring this facility was incredibly informative. The level of thought and care that went into designing and building this center is truly inspiring. It makes me proud that ENGEO was a part of the process” – Mila Kopelovich, MPH 

 Facilities like this are so important in bringing compassion and help to those who need it.  ENGEO is happy to have contributed to the creation of this important facility, along with many others in the Bay Area. To learn more about our recent affordable housing projects, click on the links below.  

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