September 22, 2022

ENGEO leads geotechnical design for the largest planned logistics and business park in North America


SAN RAMON, CA – ENGEO, the world’s leading geoscience engineering firm, announces that it has started geotechnical design for the World Logistics Center, which is the largest planned logistics and business park on the continent. The project is a $25 billion dollar net-zero development that will encompass 40.6 million square feet of buildings in Moreno Valley and will serve as a distribution center for North America. ENGEO is providing fault studies, seismic settlement analyses, collapsible-soil mitigation schemes, and foundation recommendations, among other geotechnical and water quality services for this project. To refine the preliminary land plan within the established State-mapped fault zone, ENGEO performed an extensive fault exploration to reveal each fault splay within the fault zone. Engineering Geologists then precisely locate the fault and its features, such as warping, fissures, and local deformation, in order to provide safe building setbacks.

“ENGEO takes pride in providing our clients the best possible geoscientific information, and we know this work will help set up the World Logistics Center for long-term success over the course of the project,” said Uri Eliahu, ENGEO’s President and CEO. “Expedient shipping has evolved from a luxury to a must-have for consumers, and demand is booming for warehouse space across the country.”

ENGEO’s fault trenching for The World Logistics Center includes about 8,000 linear feet of fault trench, the largest such fault evaluation study currently in process. The geoscience engineering firm’s work on projects of this type totals approximately 150 million square feet of warehouse space across the country, with a large concentration of warehouse hubs being developed in California’s Central Valley.

ENGEO also provided geotechnical services and design recommendations for Project Big Bird—a 100-foot-tall logistics building that will house four levels of 133,000 square foot of robotics-occupied sorting floors and approximately 3.5 million square feet of industrial processing and storage space in Tracy, California. As metropolitan and suburban areas experience an increase in demand for expedient shipping services, demand for space that allows rapid order fulfillment has increased to an all-time high.

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