Senior Geotechnical Engineer

William Marshall

Willy is a Geotechnical Engineer with professional consulting experience in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He specialises in the design of foundations, retaining walls and slopes. Willy’s experience also includes the design of deep foundations for basements, temporary works, earthworks, and rock fall protection structures.

“I am passionate about engineering and the role that we play in society in being challenged to provide solutions that mitigate or eliminate risks, are efficient, economical, and innovative. I love working at ENGEO as we strive for this and more, including to get the best out of people, as a consequence I am surrounded by an amazing group of people. I always look forward to heading into the office to see everyone and take on the next engineering challenge”

Outside of work Willy’s favourite pastimes are skiing, fishing, playing/watching sports, exploring the city, cycling, cooking, gardening and a bit of DIY.

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