NZ General Manager, Principal

Erika McDonald, CMEng

Erika specialises in the assessment, remediation and management of contaminated land and groundwater. Erika is ENGEO’s New Zealand General Manager, serving a staff of highly talented engineers, geologists and environmental scientists. Based in Auckland, Erika serves large and small scale projects for industry, land development and government. Her involvement includes design and implementation of field programmes, technical input, remedial design and project management. She is a frequent liaison with councils and government entities to ensure that consent conditions, regulatory requirements and complex environmental factors are clearly understood by all stakeholders.

I love helping people achieve great things. My favourite moments with clients are when I’m able to provide a solution that is more practical and cost effective than they were expecting, either from past experience or advice they’ve been provided by another consultant.”

Outside of work Erika loves exploring new places. Growing up in the U.S., her Dad fostered in her a love for hiking and skiing. During her time in San Francisco, she gained an appreciation for cooking and enjoying good food and wine. Now that she has three boys to take care of (four if you count her husband!), she still goes on a lot of adventures, but they involve a bit more planning… and a lot more snacks!  

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