January 16, 2024

Honoring the Legacy: Pioneers in Our Organization’s History, Part 2

In every thriving organization, there are people whose vision, hard work, and dedication really make a difference. Today, we want to say a big thank you and best wishes to Gery Anderson, GE, CEG and Dan Haynosch, GE as they move on in their careers.

Throughout the years, these exceptional individuals have been instrumental in sculpting ENGEO into the entity it is today. Their expertise, unwavering commitment, and invaluable contributions not only have enhanced our standing and contributed to our accomplishments but also have charted a course for future generations.

Gery Anderson, GE, CEG

Gery started at ENGEO as a Consulting Engineer in April 2002. With a degree in Geological Engineering from San Jose State University, Gery built a career spanning over 40 years, becoming a leader in geotechnical engineering. He has directed large teams and subconsultants for various studies in Western Nevada and Northern California, bringing significant value to ENGEO. Gery’s innovative contributions to geotechnical engineering, especially in seismic and landslide evaluations, have left a lasting impact.

“Gery is a very knowledgeable engineering geologist and geotechnical engineer. He helps bridge the gap between engineering and geology and brings focus to help solve challenging engineering problems,” Mark Gilbert, GE, QSD.

Dan Haynosch, GE

Dan became a part of the ENGEO family in 1990, taking the position of Principal – Consultant. Possessing a degree in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University, he committed the last three decades to leading geotechnical and environmental services at ENGEO. Prior to his career with ENGEO, he spent a 20-year tenure with the United States Navy, wherein he was Chief Pavements Engineer with the Western Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, San Bruno, California. His contributions have enriched a diverse array of projects, encompassing municipal, residential, commercial, industrial, and educational developments across Northern California, Nevada, and Mexico.

Dan’s expertise shone in providing guidance on foundations and paving, soil stabilization, site development, grading, utility excavations, and embankment design and construction. Dan’s wisdom and integrity have guided the firm through its growth, and he has overseen and managed our operations in both the San Ramon and San Francisco offices. Dan is always the quintessential gentleman, with a wonderful sense of humor and a collaborative approach to leadership.

“Dan embodies the essence of a role model. His integrity is beyond reproach, and his diligence, hardworking attitude, kindness, and leadership serve as exemplary qualities that have significantly contributed to the improvement and growth of ENGEO,” Uri Eliahu, GE, President.

“Dan is a genuine gentleman and a go-to person, always ready to help regardless of who needs assistance. We hold great affection for him,” Barbara Mahoney, Executive Assistant.

We extend sincere thanks to Dan and Gery for their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to ENGEO. Their commitment to excellence and their wealth of experience have elevated ENGEO’s standing. As they embark on new chapters, we deeply appreciate their outstanding service and wish them continued success. Thank you, Dan and Gery, for being integral parts of the ENGEO family and leaving an indelible mark upon our journey.

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