September 28, 2023


ENGEO is proud to announce our recent achievement – the receipt of the prestigious “Outstanding Geotechnical Project” award for our work on the Treasure Island Redevelopment Phase 1 Project. We were honored to receive this accolade at the ASCE San Francisco 2023 Awards Ceremony, which took place on September 20, 2023. 

Our dedicated team, represented by Christopher Stouffer, PE, and Stefanos Papadopulos, GE, joined our esteemed industry peers at the ASCE annual ceremony and dinner.  

Christopher Stouffer, PE, who serves as the project manager for Treasure Island, graciously accepted the award on behalf of ENGEO. In his acceptance speech, he expressed our profound gratitude for being an integral part of the Treasure Island project for nearly two decades. He emphasized that this accolade represents not only the success of Phase 1, but also our enduring commitment to this multi-phase redevelopment initiative. “This is just the beginning of several development phases at Treasure Island, and we are truly honored to be an essential part of this visionary team,” said Christopher Stouffer, PE.  

ENGEO is the Geotechnical Engineer of Record for the Treasure Island Redevelopment project. This ambitious venture encompasses 40 acres and includes 4 city blocks with approximately 1800 residential units, parks and open space, new infrastructure, and a new ferry terminal.

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