November 17, 2021

ENGEO attends 2021 New Jersey State League of Municipalities Annual Conference


ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – ENGEO will attend the 106th Annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conference (NJLM) in Atlantic City from November 16 to 18. The company will educate and provide geotechnical, erosion prevention and flood control expertise to New Jersey public officials and attendees seeking solutions to climate change-related challenges and public infrastructure issues.

“With our team’s collective knowledge and expertise, we can help public officials and decision makers find solutions for improving aging public infrastructure, expanding flood control, and reducing impacts from coastal erosions and sea level rise,” said Uri Eliahu, ENGEO’s president and CEO.

Coastal communities across the Eastern Seaboard suffer from extreme tropical weather patterns, and each hurricane season consistently causes severe flooding and economic damage. ENGEO—along with Muscle Wall, Presray and CMI—will educate public officials at the NJLM Conference on best practices and geotechnical risk considerations to evaluate when planning against natural perils like hurricanes and severe flooding that contribute to New Jersey’s rising coastal risk.

The NJLM Annual Conference is one of the largest gatherings of municipal officials in the country. This comes at a time when local governmental jurisdictions across the U.S. make plans to mitigate the impacts of coastal flooding and erosion due to rising sea levels.

ENGEO has served on a wide range of projects that range from public infrastructure, water treatment, flood control facilities, transportation, disaster sites, education, professional sporting venues, ports, harbors and waterfront developments, among an extensive array of other projects. This year, the geoscience engineering firm celebrated its 50th anniversary with milestones that include a 143% employee increase over the past 10 years and expansion to 22 offices in three countries.

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San Mateo Bayfront Levee Improvement

The San Mateo Bayfront Levee Improvement (SMBL) project consisted of four separate sites requiring perimeter flood walls to protect the areas against storm surge and wave run-up.

The conference was a success! Thank you to ENGEO’s Chase Hemming for attending.

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