September 7, 2023

City of Hope Hospital

ENGEO performed a design-level geotechnical exploration and prepared the project’s geotechnical design report in accordance with California Geological Survey Note 48 and OSHPD.

The City of Hope Hospital will be constructed as a 6-story structure with one basement level. Also part of the project are the completed 2-story parking garage and 4-story Cancer Center building, which was converted from a pre-existing office building. Additional improvements include Linacs vaults within the Cancer Center and new internal structural elements. These improvements are supported by micro-piles and conventional footings respectively.

Our field exploration consisted of 6 borings and 13 CPTs, which were conducted within a former active parking lot and the bottom floor of the pre-existing office building. Geotechnical hazards primarily consisted of expansive soils and seismicity. We provided detailed site-specific seismic hazard analysis and settlement analyses for the proposed improvements within the existing structure and provided foundation recommendations for various components of the project, including mat-foundation and deep foundation design parameters. We also provided shoring design support for the basement excavation and provided field support during shoring installation and excavation.

In addition, we provided construction-phase stormwater monitoring services in accordance with the NPDES, as well as post-construction BMP storm water design services. The ultimate water-quality management plan was approved by the City of Irvine and is in accordance with the Orange County Technical Guidance Document.



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