November 13, 2019

6 Reasons Why the ENGEO Grad Experience Rocks!

At ENGEO we value our graduates and aim to give them the best experience in their first roles. We talked to our current graduate team members to highlight their unique and exciting experiences.

  1. Nearly every day is different. With a variety of projects, services, and locations, there is a wide range of tasks needing attention. With learning on the job being an essential aspect to a graduate role at ENGEO, grads will be immersed and involved in a project from the start.


“ENGEO consistently puts me in positions where I can succeed and achieve my professional and personal goals. I am able to work on projects I am interested in, while working with an incredible team.” – Joseph Tognolini, Staff Engineer, San Ramon, California


  1. You have great access to a wide range of staff with different technical backgrounds. Regardless of position, everyone is there to help you excel in your chosen path.


ENGEO has a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to grow. If you make mistakes, everyone is there to help you! There are no silly questions, just usable answers.” – Jimmy Whitmore (Staff Environmental Scientist, Christchurch)


  1. The concept of ONEGEO is our deliberate effort to collaborate together as one technical family, across disciplines, cities and continents. What that means for our grads is they have access to all our experts around the world, the ability to travel and explore new regions and best practices, resulting in accelerated learning and the support to build long-lasting relationships.


  1. Our servant leadership model means our ENGEO leaders’ primary role is to enrich the lives of those around them. This means at ENGEO we mentor our graduates to help them realise their potential, achieve their dreams and make a difference.


“ENGEO sets a high bar for employee care and respect. They create an environment which has made me feel valued and are very encouraging when it comes to different opportunities.” – Georgia Crisp (Staff Engineer, Wellington)


  1. At ENGEO we think work should be fun. A flexible environment is facilitated, which allows for excellent results to be produced, without compromising the well-being of our team.


  1. You are given respect and trust as part of our team from day one. You work with everyone around you to create a positive impact- leaving you proud of your contribution to projects.


“I have loved being part of a team that challenges me to learn new disciplines, expand my current knowledge, and be part of the bigger picture. ENGEO gives graduates the opportunity to do all those things, and so much more.” – Monica Kunzel (Staff Engineer, San Ramon).


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