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Campus Visits

ENGEO is dedicated to continue building a strong foundation with bright, technically excellent and highly motivated team members. ENGEO understands the importance of growing the organization with current and recent university graduates. ENGEO’s externship, internship and recent graduate programs invest in top talent by mentoring, developing and cultivating exceptional selected candidates striving to ensure a rewarding and challenging career opportunity. Please check back in the Fall for university events scheduled for 2017-2018

University of California, Berkeley

10/5/18 – Annual Beer Night – MS Geotech class – Quad 5:30-7:30pm
10/17/18 – CEE Career Fair – 4-7pm
10/24/18 – MS Geotech in-class Presentation  – topic TBD – 12-1pm
11/9/18 – Geotech Engineering Research Symposium – 1-6pm
Feb/March 2019 – TBD – ASCE Career Fair – evening

University of California, Davis

Fall 2018 – TBD – In-class GGSS MS Geotech Presentation – topic TBD – 12-1pm
1/30/19 – CEE Career Fair – 10-2pm

University of California, Los Angeles

10/16/18 – Info Session
11/1/18 Fall ASCE Career Fair 10am -2pm
1/31/19 Winter ASCE Career Fair 10am-2pm

Cal Poly Pomona

9/28/18 – Engineering Career Fair – 10:30am-2:30pm

Cal Poly – SLO

In-class presentation TBD

Jan 2019 – TBD Career Fair

San Jose State

TBD Sept

San Jose City College

TBD Spring 2019




TBD March 2019

Las Positas College


Cal State Fullerton

10/25/2018 – STEM Career Fair 10am -2pm

Stanford University

In- Class Presentation TBD


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